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Divine shirt with pin-tucked bib front, V-neck yet not too low, peplum to hide the tummy and crisp sash to circle your tiny waist. Self-buttoned French cuffs. Truly elegant. Pop the collar to take ten years off your life.


Fitting: Good for all shapes.


Available in: P, S, M, L, XL


Colors: Offered in numerous solids, Magenta, Aspen, Electric Blue, Hot Pink, Sea Green and Lime, and plaids too numerous to mention, ask for photos.

Step 1. Browse the designs and note what excites you.

Step 2. Request a personal phone consultation.

Step 3. You and Suzy collaborate on the best designs for your size, shape, and occasions.

Step 4. Your order arrives via USPS within three business days.


PO Box 275

204 Rt. 200

Franklin, ME 04634

O: (772) 545-8500
M: (203) 559-4115

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