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Suzy Abuza is a no-nonsense business woman who knows how to channel her highly sensitive nature. “I hear what people want,” says Suzy. This trait of sensitivity is what fueled the rapid growth of Indo-Chic, a fashion source for silk clothing and accessories. Suzy’s fashions are sold one customer at a time, either through her charming boutique in Hobe Sound, Florida, over the phone so she can stay in touch with her customers’ needs and desires, or during her numerous trunk shows throughout the country.


Having an eye for fashion and an ear for listening is not an idle claim. Prior to founding Indo-Chic, Suzy ran her own marketing consulting firm and counted among her clients investment banks, private banks and institutional investors including the New York Stock Exchange. Her talents for listening, learning, and responding were her most important assets then and still are today.


On a chance trip to Vietnam, Suzy discovered a maker of exceptional silk fabric and a tailor whose work she admired. She asked him to make a jacket, long at the hips, in flowing black velvet, with a bit of quilting for body, and a Mandarin collar.  Oh, and lined with hot pink silk!  Back home in Connecticut the jacket dazzled everyone who saw it… Indo-Chic was born!

“For so long, I was totally immersed in a man’s world. I was ready to venture out and do something more creative, so I travelled.”

"Well behaved women rarely make history."

"Women tell me what they want in clothes, and what they can’t find in stores. So I design for those women beautifully stitched clothes from fine imported silks—nubby raw silk, textural silk dupioni, rustling taffetas, shimmering shantungs, and rich jacquards.”

Because they’re so versatile, she loves to design jackets to be worn with or without matching shells. Her pants, skirts and tops can go anywhere in the world and fit in nicely. Suzy loves color and searches out vibrant silks in jewel tones and iridescent that shift color with movement. She’s bold on color combinations, often encouraging wearing color on color, like orange with pink, or purple with turquoise. She also coaches her buyers to “pop a collar” or turn up a sleeve on a reversible. Her designs are timeless and season-less with great lines for all figure shapes and appropriate for oh, soooo many occasions.

“When the fabric and color are beautiful, the simpler the design, the more stunning the creation.”

“I’m service-driven. Service as it used to be. I listen to women, hear what they want, and really do try to meet their aim.”


PO Box 275

204 Rt. 200

Franklin, ME 04634

O: (772) 545-8500
M: (203) 559-4115

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