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Dinner Jacket

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Dinner Jacket

Where’s the wedding? … This jacket is classic good taste for any event. The Elizabethan collar frames the face and showcases your jewels. Slightly fitted jacket, a bit longer for the woman who needs more length. Lovely Chinese “fish” buttons are the finishing touch.

Fitting: All women including those who wear their weight in the middle.

Available in: P, S, M, L, XL. Can be ordered in 2X.

Colors: Cerise, Celery, Iced Strawberry, Periwinkle, Sea Green or any of the JKE colors but expect 10-12 week delivery.

Step 1. Browse the designs and note what excites you.
Step 2. Request a personal phone consultation.
Step 3. You and Suzy collaborate on the best designs for your size, shape, and occasions.
Step 4. Your order arrives via USPS within three business days.

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